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So back in August, @mcclure111 (who is cool and can be found at Run Hello) tweeted:

Reverse minecraft: Minecraft in a large city. Cut away dead frozen impassable skyscraper towers, construct trees and earth in their place.

And I thought “Hey, that sounds fun to make!” And then four months passed and now I have something show you. Endless City is a Minecraft mod that replaces Minecraft’s natural world with vast, empty city stretching out in all directions. In this city many of the basic principles for how you play Minecraft must be reconsidered or abandoned complete. Can you survive the city and bring life to this ravaged land? Go find out!

Endless City can be download from dropbox via this handy link! It also requires Minecraft Forge to run - check out how to install forge over here and how to install the mod over here. Or check out this video if you like videos. If you end up downloading the mod or have any questions or if it doesn’t work, I’d love to hear about it!

There’s still a whole bunch of stuff I’d like to add to this mod, like achievements and more kinds of buildings, but I wanted too publish this now since it’s reached a playable state. But watch out for those things in the coming days!

Edit: Shoot, I forgot too tell you how to actually make an Endless City World! Endless City is a world type, so once you’ve installed the mod you can create a city by going into “More World Options” and selecting “World Type: CITY” when you’re creating a new world.

Edit 2: Some people were having problems loading Endless City and I believe I fixed their problem! An updated version can be found here.